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A Reflection On Artistic Ambivalence
I dream of words and music and bodies
That twist and turn
In sensual, passionate, desperate longing
'Neath a beam of light,
Within a beam of light, where
All else lingers in awed darkness
And crystalline tears
As sleeping souls awaken and cry out
At the beauty
At the pain
The sorrow, the joy
At the pure overwhelming everything
That makes earthly beings
More Than.
I dream of words and music and bodies
That weave and flow
In euphoric majesty that pulls us under
Into a magic that lifts us skyward
And gives us hope even as we mourn
The earth giving way below
Until suddenly
The End
The final note echoing on lonely strings in lonelier echoes
The penultimate step before the bow
Where everything freezes in anticipation
In the unfulfilled desire for one more.
One more word.
One more song.
One more dance.
And accolades are given with a heavy heart
For no one wishes for the end of the Art.
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Shroedinger's Heart
Little black box
Sitting on the floor
Sharp edges
Sharp corners
Seems like nothing more.
Doesn't open
Always tight shut
Never moves
Never rattles
It should be fine, but
The heart inside
Is it living, breathing?
The box sits still
All is quiet
Who can say if it's even beating?
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Heartbreak Mistake
the wrong
thing to do, to
tell you how I felt,
how I feel, because now
I see you there and know that
you can hear me, and yet you turn
away from me. You close your eyes
to blind yourself, plug your ears and go
deaf, to the efforts I make to continue us as
we were. It was a mistake, the biggest one I've
made. And it's the only, only, only one I have ever
truly regretted, for this one is one that I can't see as a
simple learning experience, a choice that will help to
mold me into who I will become, all the wiser for the
wrong steps I've taken. No, I wish to go back in time
and erase my words. To tell myself that I can live
with them eating me alive just so long as I still
have you as my friend. That I can live with
less than. Because this hurts so much
to know that it was a mistake
to utter those words.
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Bittersweet Poison
This dream is keeping me alive,
The one that sees me someday by your side,
It's the only thing that pulls me through
When I feel as if my world has turned askew.
But dreams without hope
Are like poison in your veins
You can ask and you can beg
But you'll get only pain
You're just wandering wastelands
Where everything is gone
Because in the end all you know
Is how to just keep on keeping on.
This dream is like clear spring water
That no matter how much, still isn't food and shelter
But I'm living this life day by day
Praying my dreams in the least don't ever fade to grey.
But dreams without hope
Are like poison in your veins
You can ask and you can beg
But you'll only get pain
You're just wandering wastelands
Where everything is gone
Because in the end all you know
Is how to just keep on keeping on.
Dreams without hope
Are like poison in your veins
Until you start to wish
Even your dreams to go away.
:iconmoonlitwhisper:MoonlitWhisper 1 4
Destroying Me
I don't know what it is
That keeps dragging me
Back to you.
But whatever it is,
I feel as if it's gently
Destroying me.
I'm always attentive, always
Taking time out of my day
To reply.
We've never met in person
But somehow you've
Captured me.
We go months without speaking
And for the life of me, I
Don't know why.
But yours is never the one
That goes unanswered,
Always mine.
I know you're busy,
But every day that passes--
God, it hurts!
You know how I feel and I
Know it's not returned, but somehow
I still hope.
I don't know what it is!
Just something in the way you
Word your words!
Then the crushing blow,
Time and time and time again:
"My friend."
But months pass without a word
And slowly I feel my feelings fade
And I'm fine.
I know you're happy the way we are
I know you're happy doing
Whatever it is you're doing
And I'm fine.
But then I see that you have e-mailed me
And suddenly everything rushes back,
Curses me.
And here I had thought
I had gotten over you. How
Foolish of me.
:iconmoonlitwhisper:MoonlitWhisper 2 4
A Single Voice cover drawing by MoonlitWhisper A Single Voice cover drawing :iconmoonlitwhisper:MoonlitWhisper 0 2
A Single Voice preview
     I thought I knew who I was, what I was. I thought I knew what I wanted in life.
     A single voice changed all of that.
     Suddenly, I didn't just think, I knew. Funny thing is, what I'd thought I'd known and what a single voice made me know with all the certainty of a millennia were two completely different things.
     Because when she closed her eyes and began to sing, something inside of me just...responded, and that response spread from some tiny corner of my soul until it filled me with a resounding thrum. It was a feeling remarkably like being in a cathedral.
     No. It was more like being a cathedral, one filled with hundreds of years of voices lifted in song, filled with a feeling so sacred and right that it transcended all else and became, simply, sanctuary.
     As her voice wa
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Each Man Is An Island
People pass by on the street
And though they look,
Their eyes never meet.
Each drowns silently in their thoughts
And never share
The battles that are fought.
Each stands as an island, small and alone
Doing their best
To find their way home.
But should glances collide
As their ships pass by
All that's hidden can no longer hide.
:iconmoonlitwhisper:MoonlitWhisper 1 2
A Quiet Breaking
Break me into little pieces
Have some fun
Make a stained-glass Jesus
Then throw a rock
Break me some more
And grind me to dust on concrete floors.
:iconmoonlitwhisper:MoonlitWhisper 0 2
Of Empty Bottles and Heavy Hearts
I want to drown.
For all my fear of watery deaths,
I beg only to drown;
Drown in murky spirits
That intoxicate me,
That free me,
That transfix me.
This desire terrifies me,
For I know that reliance on
Brews of aging liquor
Can only bring disaster.
I can't bring myself to care,
Though once it was a worry.
I want to drown in its depths,
To forget for a while,
To be numb for a while.
I'm tired of the agonies
That haunt the distant 'skirts
Of my mind with taunts and whispers
That violently and oh so quietly
Tear gruesome rifts into heart
And soul alike, leaving me
Silently screaming
And begging for release from its grasp
With not one the wiser.
I beg to drown,
For all my fear of watery depths,
Because I know unmarred peace
No other way.
:iconmoonlitwhisper:MoonlitWhisper 1 0
I Dream in Butterfly
I dream in Butterfly
When someday I earn my wings to fly,
Take off and soar deep into the night sky,
Looking back with pride and see where I've been
Then gaze to the things I've yet to have seen.
I dream in Butterfly.
Wake up in the mornin'
With a smile on my face
Knowing that one day as I walk
Like a puzzle piece I'll find my place
But 'til then
I dream in Butterfly
When someday I earn my wings to fly,
Take off and soar deep into the night sky,
Looking back with pride and see where I've been
Then gaze to the things I've yet to have seen.
I dream in Butterfly.
:iconmoonlitwhisper:MoonlitWhisper 1 2
I feel that I must be falling,
So fast,
So sure,
And I know that this is true:
The pain in my chest
Is my heart growing wings
To fly me to you.
:iconmoonlitwhisper:MoonlitWhisper 0 5
Human Chapter Three: Alive
Sorry the update took so long y’all. I wish I could say that I had a good reason for taking so long, but I can’t. Please forgive me, and I hope you enjoy this chapter.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans.
Raven stared listlessly up at the fluorescent lighting above her, dimly noting the irony of such pure white light being cast upon one such as her. Her internal clock kept the time even as she lost herself amongst the dust motes dancing in the air.
She had ceased to struggle against her captivity hours ago, and now lay there wearily watching the seconds slip by. Cyborg had stopped in to check on her a couple times in the past hour or so, but Raven did not acknowledge him. She understood the reasons for her binds, agreed to and accepted them even. But she still did not like it. Not one bit. Earlier on, a few hours after she had awoken, Raven felt claustrophobia clench a fist around her heart, sending her into minor panics. She’d struggled against her binds, r
:iconmoonlitwhisper:MoonlitWhisper 6 9
"Help me, I'm falling." The words echo emptily in my head as the darkness rushes past my body. "Please, some one, catch me...please...I'm scared." I think about what got me here, all the things I never said. All the things I never did. Tears well up in my eyes, eyes that are still open despite the all encompassing darkness. I remember what it was like to fly. What it was like to soar. What it was like to be with the one I loved. No fear. No pain. Utter joy and contentment. But now I'm falling fast, my heart as broken as my body will be when I reach the ground. I can sense the ground coming towards me, unavoidable, certain, but I still have a long way to go. I have long since stopped trying to grab hold of anything that could save me, long since stopped screaming. Now the words only echo in my mind, the sound weak and sad, dripping dispair and hopelessness: "Help me, I'm falling. Some one, save me. Anyone. ...I'm scared."
I think about what got me here, all the things I never sai
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Careless Words...
It stings like the bite of the mosquito--
It's painful
It's lasting
It takes something away.
And yet you cannot eliminate the cause
As you can with the little vampire
Because you might lose more--
More than you already have.
So it festers and bothers and stings and burns:
The cruel words of a friend,
Needlessly and carelessly given.
:iconmoonlitwhisper:MoonlitWhisper 5 17
A Chance to Forget Ch. 1
I left the house around nine in the morning for King‘s Cross, pushing a little cart with my school trunk and cat carrier. I live only a short ways away from the station, but I like to get there early. It means I don’t have to vie for an empty carriage, and don’t have to feel all those eyes stare at me as I go by. And I wanted to get away from the house. Or more accurately, my foster family. They always seemed to be looking down their noses at me, finding something wrong with me, no matter what I did. It was always “Rose, you didn’t clean all of the dishes!” moments after they dirtied the dishes I just cleaned. “Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. Didn’t you know that the cat had got shut in your room for the entire day? We keep telling you to leave your door open!” when I walk in to the overwhelming stink of feces after coming home from work at the Leaky Cauldron. I have a hate/hate relationship with my foster family, and I can’t get awa
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So, I know I haven't posted a journal for a while, but this just really got my goat. People just... People are sickening me. Here's what I commented. Let me know your thoughts.

"Dear God, save me. My stomach is literally twisting in knots just READING all of these hate-filled, ignorant, bigoted comments. Oreo for the win here. If you don't like it, shut-up about it. Dislike the page, stop buying Oreos, what ever. I don't care. Just stop the shoving this bile spewing from your minds down our collective throats. The only reason homophobes are even posting on here is to complain and inspire the latest Facebook war. What. Is. The. Point?!?!? All any of you are doing is creating controversy. So how about this? Look up the word "tolerance" in the dictionary and learn from it. What is honestly so bad about homosexuals? Oh, it's against God's law, you say? I don't see anything regarding that in the Ten Commandments anywhere, which is supposedly the end all and be all of what we as Christians are supposed to do. And what was it that was told to us? "Love thy neighbors as thyself." So what are you doing here! Nothing was said about LIKING the things your neighbors did. So what is there left in homosexuality that's so wrong? It's an abomination, you say? Against nature, you say? Wrong again! One, science hasn't really even scratched the SURFACE of the "nature" of nature. So who are you to say that it's against nature? Added to that, look at history and nature itself. Homosexuality is found everywhere! If anything, it's just AS natural as HETEROsexuality! "Ohmigawd, it's so nasty!" How would YOU know? It's a personal opinion derived from the notion that homosexuality is unnatural. Honestly, the only way to KNOW something like that is to have experienced it. Say that I tell you that the flavor of an oak leaf tastes terrible. You might believe me, but you won't AGREE until you try it yourself. Until you have, you're not going to say "oh, oak leaves are nasty," you're going to say "I've HEARD oak leaves are nasty." So, logically speaking, the only way you would know homosexuality is "nasty" is if you've tried it. Sure, maybe you have no desire to try it. A lot of people don't. Big whoop. But that still does not give you the right to say that something is inherently "nasty," just that you think/believe it is. BIG difference. What something IS and what something APPEARS to be are two completely different things. I'm not saying you have to like it. I'm just saying that tolerance is key. Live and let live. After all, I'm sure God doesn't LIKE us arguing like this, but he allows this as part of our free will and own personal development. And there I went, writing all of this, and yet I know that not a single word I've said has made a difference to the unyeilding rigidity of your personal thoughts and opinions. But whatever. And I know this is likely to get me some unkind comments from both spectrums, but I have this to say you, all of you: God bless you. Because no matter how we may hate each other, God still loves you. Heck, *I* do, despite all these venomous words I'm seeing. We're all human, after all. All a kind of gigantic, oft times dysfunctional family. So God bless you, whoever you are and whatever you believe. Love to you all."

I just feel like ranting so much, but I don't think there's enough days in a year for me to do so.

Ta for now, all! Enjoy the controversy as much as I! *wicked laugh*


United States
Current Residence: The Psych Ward
Favourite genre of music: Most of 'em. except for rap *gags*
Favourite style of art: me! yes, i'm a style! lol. no idea
Skin of choice: My own skin, duh!
Favourite cartoon character: Raven, BB, Danny Phantom, Sam, Aladin, Aang
Personal Quote: "I'm not insane. I swear it upon the left toe of a Hokersnokle!"


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