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So, I know I haven't posted a journal for a while, but this just really got my goat. People just... People are sickening me. Here's what I commented. Let me know your thoughts.

"Dear God, save me. My stomach is literally twisting in knots just READING all of these hate-filled, ignorant, bigoted comments. Oreo for the win here. If you don't like it, shut-up about it. Dislike the page, stop buying Oreos, what ever. I don't care. Just stop the shoving this bile spewing from your minds down our collective throats. The only reason homophobes are even posting on here is to complain and inspire the latest Facebook war. What. Is. The. Point?!?!? All any of you are doing is creating controversy. So how about this? Look up the word "tolerance" in the dictionary and learn from it. What is honestly so bad about homosexuals? Oh, it's against God's law, you say? I don't see anything regarding that in the Ten Commandments anywhere, which is supposedly the end all and be all of what we as Christians are supposed to do. And what was it that was told to us? "Love thy neighbors as thyself." So what are you doing here! Nothing was said about LIKING the things your neighbors did. So what is there left in homosexuality that's so wrong? It's an abomination, you say? Against nature, you say? Wrong again! One, science hasn't really even scratched the SURFACE of the "nature" of nature. So who are you to say that it's against nature? Added to that, look at history and nature itself. Homosexuality is found everywhere! If anything, it's just AS natural as HETEROsexuality! "Ohmigawd, it's so nasty!" How would YOU know? It's a personal opinion derived from the notion that homosexuality is unnatural. Honestly, the only way to KNOW something like that is to have experienced it. Say that I tell you that the flavor of an oak leaf tastes terrible. You might believe me, but you won't AGREE until you try it yourself. Until you have, you're not going to say "oh, oak leaves are nasty," you're going to say "I've HEARD oak leaves are nasty." So, logically speaking, the only way you would know homosexuality is "nasty" is if you've tried it. Sure, maybe you have no desire to try it. A lot of people don't. Big whoop. But that still does not give you the right to say that something is inherently "nasty," just that you think/believe it is. BIG difference. What something IS and what something APPEARS to be are two completely different things. I'm not saying you have to like it. I'm just saying that tolerance is key. Live and let live. After all, I'm sure God doesn't LIKE us arguing like this, but he allows this as part of our free will and own personal development. And there I went, writing all of this, and yet I know that not a single word I've said has made a difference to the unyeilding rigidity of your personal thoughts and opinions. But whatever. And I know this is likely to get me some unkind comments from both spectrums, but I have this to say you, all of you: God bless you. Because no matter how we may hate each other, God still loves you. Heck, *I* do, despite all these venomous words I'm seeing. We're all human, after all. All a kind of gigantic, oft times dysfunctional family. So God bless you, whoever you are and whatever you believe. Love to you all."

I just feel like ranting so much, but I don't think there's enough days in a year for me to do so.

Ta for now, all! Enjoy the controversy as much as I! *wicked laugh*


United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Raven, BB, Danny Phantom, Sam, Aladin, Aang
Personal Quote: "I'm not insane. I swear it upon the left toe of a Hokersnokle!"

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